Offering No-Interest Loans to Individuals & Families in Need | A Project to Serve the Ossining Community

Our Values

Optimism – we believe that people can improve their financial circumstances with encouragement and training.

Integrity – we believe in honesty, trust and openness and demonstrate dependability with each other and our borrowers.

Empathy– we strive to understand those we assist and see things from their points of view without judgment.

Resourcefulness – we refer borrowers to available community assistance beyond what we offer and act as advocates for our clients in situations where they need support.

Accountability – we follow through on our commitments to our borrowers, donors and each other and hold our borrowers accountable for repaying loans.

Flexibility – we recognize that people have unique situations, and we adapt to each individual’s circumstances.

The Ossining Micro Fund (“OMF”) believes in the fundamental dignity and worth of every person. Since its inception in 2004, OMF has – and will continue – to honor, respect, celebrate and promote equity, diversity and inclusion of the community it serves as well as among members of its Board of Directors, Advisory Board and volunteers in order that all individuals, both within and with whom the OMF interacts, have the opportunity to participate, contribute, develop and grow regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship status, religion, sexual identification, disability, or familial or socio-economic status.