Offering No-Interest Loans to Individuals & Families in Need | A Project to Serve the Ossining Community

Partner With Us

The Micro Fund’s goal is to offer interest-free loans to members of the community who encounter a one time unexpected financial obstacle. We prefer our loan recipients to be referred by a partner. We cannot consider loans in excess of $2000, and most are smaller.

We can partner with employers, social service agencies, and faith based institutions. Consider referring a loan applicant to us if:

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  • You know and trust the person.
  • You know how the person plans to use the loan, and that there is a legitimate need.
  • You know that the person has a steady income, and the ability to pay back the loan.
  • You believe that the person intends to pay back the loan and believes in the mission of the Micro Fund.

Loans cannot be granted for on-going living expenses such as utilities, phone bills, car payments, rent, food, or other recurring expenses. Exceptions may be made depending on the specific circumstances.

Referral is no guarantee that an applicant will be granted a loan. The screening committee retains the ultimate authority to grant loans.


A monthly repayment schedule is included in the agreement. All loans must be repaid within twenty four months. Repayments make the funds available for others who need them. All that is needed is an agreement promising to repay the loan.

As a partner, you will

  • Receive quarterly reports from the Micro Fund on loan repayments;
  • Help to follow up with the loan recipient as necessary;
  • Inform the Micro Fund if the loan recipient runs into unexpected problems; it is possible that a revised repayment agreement be arranged;
  • Inform the Micro Fund if you are aware that the loan recipient changes his/her address or phone number.

When repayments are complete, the loan recipient may request a letter that can be used to help establish their credit rating.

For more information, please email [email protected] or call (914) 236-0560.